PM: 'Jewish Nation-State Law' is Answer to 'Nakba'

Netanyahu promises to pass law that states Israel is the country of the Jewish people.

Hezki Baruch, Gil Ronen ,

Netanyahu at sports center
Netanyahu at sports center
Flash 90

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu toured a sport complex being built in Jerusalem Thursday and slammed the Palestinian Authority (PA) Arabs who were rioting to commemorate “Nakba Day.”

"Not far from here,” he said, “the Palestinian Authority is marking what they call Nakba Day. They stand in silence to mark the catastrophe of the establishment of Israel, the state of the Jewish nation. They educate their children in endless propaganda, that they must cause the disappearance of the state of Israel.

"We have many answers to this,” Netanyahu promised. “The first is that we continue to build our state and our united capital of Jerusalem, and we will also give an additional answer to the Nakba – we will pass the 'Jewish Nation-State Bill' that makes clear to the entire world that Israel is the state of the Jewish people.”

PA chief Mahmoud Abbas warned Israel Thursday that it would pay a price for its “complacency” and blamed it for the breakdown of peace talks. “The present Israeli government lives in the past,” he said in a television speech for Nakba Day. “Palestine tops the agendas of world leaders. Not just because of the refugee issue but as a matter of national liberation for a large people with an ancient tradition.”