Protest Rally in Memory of Slain Jewish Woman

Thousands march in Afula to demand tougher measures against Arab terror, after savage murder of Shelly Dadon.

Gil Ronen ,

Shelly Dadon
Shelly Dadon
Courtesy of the Dadon Family

Thousands of people gathered in Afula Saturday evening for a protest march in memory of a slain resident of the northern town.

Shelly Dadon Hy”d, 20, was savagely murdered ten days ago when she was on her way to a job interview in Migdal Ha'emek and police have said that they believe the murder to have been an act of nationalistic terrorism. Further details regarding the case cannot be published at the moment due to a gag order, but the Minister of Public Security has said that there have been "dramatic" developments in the investigation.

Shelly's family members and Afula residents decided to mount the protest march, which will culminate in a rally that will be addressed by Shelly's father, Yaakov. They prepared posters that said “Shelly's blood is my blood,” and “today it is Shelly, tomorrow it could be you.” Some protesters held up hands dipped in red blood.

Afula residents are enraged and horrified by the murder, and the protesters demand that the government employ a heavier hand toward Arab terrorists, and that it cease releasing convicted terrorists from jail in various deals and “gestures.” They particularly demand that no terrorists who are Israeli citizens be released.

Relatives of Dadon said that the residents of Afula no longer feel safe in the town due to incessant harrassment by Arabs, and are afraid to send their children to play in playgrounds, or to buy groceries.