'Don't Free Murderers'
'Anyone With a Jewish Heart Would Oppose This'

Terror victims' families and supporters demonstrate outside PM's residence, call on government to cancel prisoner release.

Hezki Baruch and Ari Soffer ,

Families of victims of terrorism rally outsid
Families of victims of terrorism rally outsid
Flash 90

In a sadly familiar scene, hundreds of victims of terrorism and their supporters are presently demonstrating outside the Prime Minister's residence in Jerusalem, against the impending release of the final batch of 104 convicted terrorists.

The prisoners - most of them convicted of murdering Israelis - are due to be freed in three days' time (March 29), as part of ongoing negotiations with the Palestinian Authority.

However, for the first time doubt has been cast over whether the release will go ahead, after Israeli officials threatened to reconsider the release as talks with the PA appeared to have stalled.

Many of the demonstrators are family members of victims of Palestinian terrorism, who expressed their personal anguish at the prospect of the killers going free and urged the government to make good on its threats to prevent the release.

Among them was Rabbi Yehuda Ben-Yishai, father of Ruth Fogel, who was murdered in cold blood by Arab terrorists together with her husband and three small children - including their three-month-old baby girl - in the town of Itamar, Samaria in 2011.

He lamented what he said was a perversion of justice: "Murderers walk free while the rest of us mourn our loved ones."

"We are certain that anyone with a Jewish heart inside of him will oppose this thing, and we have come to tell the Prime Minister: Do what you know you must do; (act) according to the truth, and according to what the people feel," he urged.

Referring to US pressure on Israel to go ahead with the terrorist release, despite its deep unpopularity, Rabbi Ben-Yishai said Netanyahu should remember that most Israelis would support his decision to refuse to do so.

"You have the mandate to refuse (to listen to) those who wish to subjugate us. You have the mandate to stand up for the truth and say to those who consider themselves our friends that we will not free murderers."