A Chance for Life

First in a series of testimonies of women saved from an unnecessary abortion by the Efrat organization.

Efrat ,

"I was so confused" (illustration)
"I was so confused" (illustration)

This article is the first of a six-part series of testimonies from women saved by Efrat (the Committee for the Rescue of Israel's Babies) from undergoing unnecessary abortions.

Yifat's story:

"I was widowed young," says Yifat. "And I was left with two little girls." 

"After several years of living alone, I met the man who was to become my husband, who at the time was a widower with two daughters.

"The woman who set us up told me in advance that he was an incredible guy, but without much financial means. He had his own business but after it went bankrupt he took any work he could get to try pay back all the debts he had accumulated. I decided to meet him anyway, and he turned out to be a wonderful man with a heart of gold.

"The money issue didn’t bother me. It was worse for me to think about spending my life alone and so I made a hasty decision to get married. His only condition was that he didn’t want any more children. He had two daughters of his own and I would be bringing another two girls into his home, and that seemed like more than enough in light of the financial situation we both faced.

"After years of married bliss, I discovered I was pregnant. When I told my husband, his reaction was exactly opposite to what I had expected. I had imagined that since so many years had passed, surely he would no longer care about the original condition for our marriage. His reaction truly came as a complete surprise. He was fuming and told me that I had violated his only condition.

"I had no idea what to do. I really hadn’t expected him to react this way after all these years. Our relationship went downhill. There were entire days we wouldn’t talk to each other. I became withdrawn and I was so confused. I didn't want to have an abortion but I also didn’t want to contemplate a divorce, and I felt so bad for the girls as well.

"In my distress, I turned to the woman who had set us up and to my relief she told me that she was a volunteer at Efrat and recommended that I call them and they would definitely be able to help me.

"My first conversation with one of Efrat’s social workers made me realize that I’d come to the right place where I would get the help and support I so desperately needed.

"I was really upset that my husband wasn’t prepared to listen to reason. That evening, I asked the woman who had set us up to come over and tell him about Efrat; that perhaps through a third party he would be prepared to listen. The conversation went on for hours. Eventually, he softened.

"Seven months later, we gave birth to a son. My husband was in seventh heaven. In the hospital, he couldn't stop crying and said, 'What was I thinking when I tried to pressure you to have an abortion?!'

"After the birth, we received all the things we needed for the baby including a crib, stroller, bath, clothing, pacifiers, bottles… you name it. We had the brit at Efrat’s offices. They organized everything from A to Z. I cannot even express my gratitude to Efrat and their volunteer who gave of her own time to help save my baby and thanks to whom I was able to rebuild my life."