North Tel Aviv Doesn't Want Infiltrators

Phone experiment reveals owners in liberalism bastion reject infiltrator renters; infiltrators in south Tel Aviv are a different story.

Ari Yashar ,

Infiltrator protest in Tel Aviv (file)
Infiltrator protest in Tel Aviv (file)
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Eliyahu Nissim, of the "Hebrew City" movement headed by May Golan, has exposed what he says is the hypocrisy of leftist residents of well-off northern Tel Aviv who widely give vocal support to the thousands of illegal immigrants living in the poorer southern part of the city.

Nissim conducted a phone experiment, calling apartment owners in northern Tel Aviv who were renting out their apartment and asking to rent them on behalf of infiltrators from Sudan and Eritrea. He found that northern Tel Aviv support for infiltrators extended as far as letting them live in southern Tel Aviv, where they have been behind soaring crime rates.

Speaking to Arutz Sheva, Nissim reported "I made contact with owners of apartments in north Tel Aviv who put their apartments on the market for roommates. I offered they populate their apartments with my friends, work immigrants from Sudan and Eritrea, in return for rent payments."

Every call he made ended in a negative response. "I understand their response," said Nissim. "Their answer without exception was that they are in no way willing to populate their apartments with work immigrants. They aren't willing to have people fill the apartments with numerous residents like happens in south Tel Aviv."

Another reason given was that other residents of the building wouldn't agree to having infiltrators living there. Nissim emphasizes that not one of the owners agreed to rent to infiltrators; he uploaded the recording of their rejections in a YouTube video.

"All the conversations in the video are the only ones that I spoke with," said Nissim. "I felt that if I spoke to more people, they would answer in a similar fashion. Not even a single one said it was okay."

Nissim added that the owners initially agreed to rent their apartments to several roommates, going as far as to invite him to see the apartment. Only when they realized the roommates would be infiltrators did their tone change so rapidly.

Liberal north Tel Aviv doesn't want to turn into south Tel Aviv

"They don't want a drastic drop in their standard of living and don't want to be exposed to a violent surrounding. The figures in south Tel Aviv on crime speak for themselves," noted Nissim. He commented that he didn't understand the leftist groups aiding infiltrators and organizing massive rallies.

Nissim accused the owners in south Tel Aviv who rent to infiltrators of letting cash outweigh the security of the neighborhood, which he proved is not the case in north Tel Aviv.

May Golan, whose group Nissim is associated with, ran on Otzma Leyisrael's list in the last Knesset elections. Former MK Michael Ben-Ari was co-chair of the party, and has fought for the rights of southern Tel Aviv against the influx of infiltrator crime in the past.

Ben-Ari exposed the hypocrisy of north Tel Aviv in 2011, when he brought 40 Sudanese infiltrators to northern Tel Aviv’s fashionable Gordon Pool. Celebrities and public figures who were at the pool responded in shock and shouted at Ben-Ari to remove the infiltrators, showing the double standard of those vocally supportive of infiltrators being in the city, at least certain parts of it.

In 2012, Ben-Ari again exposed hypocrisy on the issue by daring fellow "bleeding heart MKs" to host infiltrators at their homes.