'Stand Firm in the US'

Leaders in Judea, Samaria send a message to Netanyahu, ahead of his visit to Washington: 'Go forth and save the nation and the land.'

Gil Ronen ,

Netanyahu and Obama
Netanyahu and Obama
Flash 90

The heads of local government in Judea and Samaria sent a letter to Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu Thursday, ahead of his upcoming visit to the US, urging him to stand firm in defense of Israel's interests.

"As you embark on a round of talks in Washington with the US President and his ministers, we are sending you this heartfelt message... We stregthen your hands in the demand to recognize Israel as the state of the Jewish people and oppose any initiative for dividing the Land of Israel,” they wrote.

The local leaders added that the Land of Israel belongs to the Jews in its entirety, historically and nationally – “and there is no room for another country on this sacred land. Your position, honorable Prime Minister, is known to us – but it stands to reason that you will have to withstand difficult tests in the face of pressure that will be applied to you, and in effect, on the entire nation.”

The local government heads call on Netanyahu “to stand firm against any plan that would harm the people of Israel, the Land of Israel and the Jewish settlement enterprise. We are the emissaries of the entire nation in relaying this message of strength to you. On this month, the month of Adar, may the blessing of G-d be upon you, and may He put his words in your mouth. Go forth in your strength and save the nation and the land.”

The signatories are the heads of the regional and local councils of Samaria, Binyamin, Gush Etzion, Maale Adumim, Ariel, Mount Hevron, Karnei Shomron, Kedumim, Beit El and Elkana.