Rolling Stones Urged to Boycott Israel

A new Facebook page calls the Rolling Stones to to boycott Israel due its "crimes against humanity."

Elad Benari ,

The Rolling Stones
The Rolling Stones

The Rolling Stones are being urged to boycott Israel, days after it was reported that the band was planning to perform in the Jewish state.

A new Facebook page entitled “Rolling Stones: Boycott Israel” was opened on Monday, the day reports surfaced that the famous British rock band was in the final stages of finalizing its first performance in Israel.

The page’s description reads, “Calling on the Rolling Stones to Boycott Israel due to the state's crimes against humanity.”

The owners of the page have been posting virulently anti-Israel messages, including, “The Israelis have already admitted they stole and occupied Gaza. They then took their squatters and their vile soldiers and they fled, like weasels in the night.

It's pretty simple, Zionist thugs. Just do the same thing in every place where you stole land. It is not yours. Your own leaders admit it every day when they talk about building a cheap imitation of Palestine in return for our letting your squatter's paradise survive. The only difference between land you stole in 1967 and land you stole in 1948 is 19 years,” reads the post.

A “riddle” posted to the page on Thursday read, “Q: How do you know BDS scares the s*** out of the Zionists?

A: Hundreds of them spend all day posting the same lies they all received from their handlers on your Facebook page.”

The call on the Rolling Stones to boycott Israel is not the first time that anti-Israel activists have called on artists to cancel shows in Israel.

Last year, popular rhythm and blues artist Alicia Keys refused to cave in to pressure by anti-Israel activists and gave a sold out concert in Tel Aviv.

Keys announced that she had decided to go ahead with her concert in Tel Aviv despite calls from a number of anti-Israel activists to boycott the Jewish state.

The pop duo Pet Shop Boys also rejected calls from pro-Arab activists to cancel a Tel Aviv concert. The concert went ahead as scheduled on June 23 of last year.

An anti-Israel group had claimed that the act of performing a concert constitutes tacit support for Israel's "policies of discrimination."

Pet Shop Boys member Neil Tennant, however, said he did not “agree with this comparison of Israel to apartheid-era South Africa.”

Also last year, Eric Burdon of the British band The Animals cancelled his performance in Israel because of political pressure. He later had a change of heart and arrived in Israel, where he performed with well-known Israeli band Tislam.

It should be noted that the Rolling Stones concert is not yet confirmed, and those who reported about it concert cautiously noted that 2013 rumors that the band was planning a performance in Israel for the nation's 65th anniversary turned out to be false, disappointing fans.

Canadian artist Neil Young recently announced a concert in Israel, sparking outrage from anti-Israel musician Roger Waters, who called on Young to cancel the show.