Jerusalem: Police Investigate 'Price Tag'

Cars vandalized, words 'Arab workers, enough assimilation' sprayed at the scene. Comes after Jewish man stabbed by Arab attacker.

Ari Soffer ,

'Price tag' in Ein Aluza
'Price tag' in Ein Aluza
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Police are investigating a suspected "price tag" incident in Jerusalem, after several cars belonging to Arabs were vandalized in the neighborhood of Ein Aluza, near the flashpoint neighborhood of Shiloach (known by local Arabs as"Silwan").

Police spokesperson Micky Rosenfeld said that the tires of 16 cars had been punctured and graffiti reading "Arab workers = assimilation" had been sprayed-painted at the scene.

It comes just one day after a Jewish man was stabbed by an Arab attacker near the city's Damascus Gate.

"Price tagging" refers to politically-motivated acts of vandalism and criminal damage against property by extremists. The term was coined by fringe elements of the Israeli Right, who sometimes carry out such attacks against Arab property either in revenge for terrorist attacks or as a response to demolition orders carried out against Jewish property by authorities. Three Jewish men were recently indicted on suspicion of involvement in Price Tagging incidents in the Samaria (Shomron) region.

But despite the focus on such acts by Israeli youth, similar attacks are also regularly carried out by Arabs against Jews, including against holy sites.

Just a few days ago an ancient Jewish tomb was desecrated by Arab vandals in Samaria. Jewish community leaders often complain that such incidents do not receive the same degree of media coverage or attention by authorities as those committed against Arabs.

A recent Arutz Sheva report revealed that at least in some cases, anti-Arab "Price Tags" were being systematically staged by Arab activists.