Libya's Former Prosecutor General Shot Dead

Libya's former prosecutor general shot dead in the city of Derna, the latest in a string of assassinations.

Elad Benari ,

Militiamen in Tripoli, Libya (illustration)
Militiamen in Tripoli, Libya (illustration)

Libya's former prosecutor general was shot dead Saturday by unknown attackers in the eastern city of Derna, AFP reported, citing the local justice minister.

The incident is the latest in a series of assassinations that have plagued the country.

Abdelaziz al-Hasadi was gunned down while visiting relatives in his hometown of Derna, Justice Minister Salah al-Marghani was quoted as having said.

Hasadi, who was widely considered to be an Islamist, was the first prosecutor general appointed after longtime leader Muammar Qaddafi was toppled and killed in the 2011 uprising. Hasadi resigned from the post in March 2013.

Since the collapse of Qaddafi’s regime, Libya has been plagued by violence, including a string of killings targeting top army and security officials as well as judges.

Last month, Libya's deputy minister of industry was shot dead during a visit to his hometown of Sirte.

Independent militias still control large part of the North African country and regularly fight each other. Terrorist groups have taken advantage of the situation and are training fighters on Libyan soil.

In October, Libya’s Prime Minister, Ali Zeidan, was kidnapped from the Tripoli hotel in which he resides, but was released several hours later.

Several weeks ago, former rebels kidnapped five Egyptian diplomats in retaliation for Egypt’s arrest of a top Libyan militia commander. They were freed several days later.