Neturei Karta Spy for Iran Sentenced to 4.5 Years

Wannabe spy for the extreme anti-Zionist group, who volunteered to pass information on Israel to Iran, receives 4.5 year sentence.

Tova Dvorin ,

Neturei Karta man accused of spying for Iran
Neturei Karta man accused of spying for Iran

Yitzhak Bergel, the 47 year-old Jerusalem resident who allegedly spied for Iran on behalf of extreme anti-Zionist Neturei Karta sect, was sentenced by the Jerusalem District Court on Tuesday to 4.5 years in prison. 

Bergel flew to Berlin in January 2011, where he then presented himself at the Iranian embassy as a volunteer to spy against Israel for the Islamic Republic. He met with 3 officials there - and explained to them that he is an Israeli citizen who does not believe that that State of Israel should be run by Jews and that he was even willing to "murder a Zionist," according to the indictment. 

One of the officials gave Bergel an email and password to use and advised him to keep in touch with the embassy. Bergel checked the email several times in a Jerusalem cafe to no avail before being found by police and arrested, according to the report. 

An investigation has revealed that Bergel applied for Libyan citizenship over 20 years ago at a European embassy to the African country, after being discharged from military service for mental health issues. 

Neturei Karta oppose the establishment of the State of Israel. They often win international headlines despite their tiny numbers. Members of the group have in the past met with former Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who publicly called to wipe Israel off the map.