Waqf Filling Temple Mount with Trash Cans

The mystery of the Waqf's drilling into pavement on the Mount is solved. Temple Activists worried.

Gil Ronen ,

Garbage cans on Mount
Garbage cans on Mount
Temple Mount organizations

Jews who ascended to the Temple Mount in the last few days discovered that the Muslim Waqf has been planting trash cans throughout the plaza atop the Mount.

Two weeks ago, as LIBA project coordinator Yehuda Glick visited the Mount, he saw drilling being carried out into the paved floor of the Mount plaza. Muslims refused to say what they were doing and were assisted by police in pushing Glick away.

The mystery of the drilling has now been solved: the holes were used for planting dozens of trash cans, and dozens more await their turn.

Temple activists said Monday that filling up the Mount with trash cans, placed so close together, is strange, because visitors' presence at the Mount is usually very sparse, and the mosques are generally empty.

The Temple Organizations' Headquarters is concerned that the trash cans are just a means of solidifying the Waqf's claim to every square foot of the territory – intended to make it more difficult for police to push them away when they attack Jews who tour the site.

The HQ said that the trash cans show that while the Waqf claims that the entire Temple Mount is as sacred to Muslims as a mosque, in actuality, it is no more than a public park of sorts to them.