Boaz Albert Freed At Last

Samaria resident released from prison after 4 months, refused to be released till draconian distancing order lifted.

Ari Yashar ,

Boaz Albert freed from jail
Boaz Albert freed from jail
Boaz Albert Headquarters

Boaz Albert, a resident of Yitzhar in Samaria, was released from jail on Thursday following 4 months of confinement. Albert's crime is unknown - he was arrested for not complying with a draconian Administrative Order distancing him from his home for no stated reason.

The wine-making farmer's plight has attracted national attention as he was brutally tasered by police last August, only to be arrested again in September. Albert notes the orders, which he was arrested for defying, were issued without evidence or trial, and were not given for any acts he had committed, but rather for opinions he had expressed.

He refused to be released from jail over the last 4 months in protest of the order, even as death threats forced him to be transferred to another jail wing.

"Every minute here was important," remarked Albert at his release. "Every single second was part of the statement that the divine order is above the (IDF) commander's order."

Albert will observe this Shabbat with his family in Yitzhar.

On Sunday afternoon a festive gathering for Albert's release will be held by rabbis, public figures and MKs. At 7 p.m. the central gathering will be held by Rabbi Yitzhak Ginzberg in Yitzhar, including a full special performance by the band "Halev Vehamaayan (The Heart and the Wellspring)."

Boaz Albert freed from jail Boaz Albert Headquarters