Power Restored to All Towns Disconnected in Storm

Electric Company says there are still customers in 'specific locations' in Jerusalem who do not have electricity.

Gil Ronen ,

Business as usual? Jerusalem post-snowstorm,
Business as usual? Jerusalem post-snowstorm,

"All of the communities that were disconnected from electrical power in the storm were reconnected last night,” the Israel Electric Company (IEC) said Tuesday morning.

However, “there are still customers in specific locations in Jerusalem who do not have electricity,” it added. These customers are urged to call the IEC service line at telephone number 103 and report the malfunctions.

The IEC added a warning to its message, explaining that the recently-abated storm has badly damage the electrical grid in Israel, and that “many power lines were torn, and some of these are buried under the snow.”

"The melting of the snow will expose the torn lines, and they endanger life,” it said. “If you have encountered a torn electrical line, call us at 103, or the police, at 100. Reports can also be made on our Facebook page.”

The Jerusalem Municipality said that schools would reopen at 10:00 a.m. Tuesday. “Classes will begin at 10:00 in the schools and kindergartens where the physical and safety conditions enable this,” said city hall. “The municipality and police are jointly preparing in beefed-up forces to ease accessibilty and safety in arriving at the schools, as the studies resume.”

The municipality added, however, that parents should use their judgement and that if it is not possible for their child to make it to school safely, that child should stay home.

While most of the roads in the capital are open for traffic, the municipality noted, “please beware of the danger of skidding. The light rail has been working this morning from 5:30, between Pisgat Ze'ev and the Central Bus Station. Buses to Jerusalem started operationg at 6:00 a.m., transportation from Jerusalem outward will start at 7:00 and inside the city, lines will be operating from 8:00.”