Mishkefet Offers Snow Fun Tours in Samaria

Snow fell close to home for most Israelis, and the Mishkefet organization is offering tours of some of the snowiest spots in Israel

David Lev ,

Samaria under a blanket of snow
Samaria under a blanket of snow
Eli Turetsky

When it snows in Israel, Israelis flock to areas where that snow has fallen – usually the Golan Heights or the upper reaches of the Galilee. This time, though, the snow fell a lot closer to home for the many living in teeming metropolitan Tel Aviv – and the Mishkefet organization is offering to take them to some of the snowiest spots in Israel, located in Judea and Samaria.

Among the “victims” of the snow were the towns of Samaria, especially the area known as “Gav Hahar,” the towns along the main spine of the Samarian Foothills. As electricity, water, and services are restored to these communities, residents and visitors can now relax and enjoy the still-substantial snow on the ground.

Mishkefet (the Hebrew word for binoculars) runs programs designed to allow the average Israeli – the ones who live in areas like the Dan region, Haifa and Be'ersheva and do not identify themselves as ideologically right or left, strictly religious, or as having radical political points of view – to get an inside view of life in Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria.

Mishekefet programs ncluide hikes and trips to the numerous nature and history sites in the region, in cooperation with local field schools, community centers, and local authorities. Tourists also visit communities and meet residents, attend talks and concerts, visit farms, wineries, and natural food producers, like cheese makers and olive oil producers, and participate in special events. Mishkefet tours, which have been run for the past several years, have proven to be very popular.

The Mishkefet Snow Tour, which will show visitors impressive vistas that are rarely seen in sunny Israel, will be running over the next several days, while snow is still on the ground. More information is available at the Mishkefet web site.