Yaalon: There's No Peace Partner, Only Incitement

Peace will never come so long as the Arabs don't recognize Israel's right to exist, says Defense Minister.

Elad Benari ,

Defense Moshe Yaalon at Israel Business Conf
Defense Moshe Yaalon at Israel Business Conf
Ariel Hermoni/Defense Ministry

Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon said Saturday that Israel had no partner for peace in the Palestinian Authority (PA).

Speaking at the Israel Business Conference in Tel Aviv, Yaalon said that there will be not a peace partner so long as the PA continues to educate its children to hate Israel.

"As someone who supported the Oslo Accords, I have learned to understand that there is no partner for two states for two peoples on the other side,” he said.

“There isn’t, nor has there been since the dawn of Zionism, a leadership on the other side that is willing to recognize our right to exist as the national homeland of the Jewish people, and to recognize that a peace agreement would bring an end to the conflict and an end to the demands,” added the Defense Minister. “We will not talk about inches, about giving up one millimeter of land, if we do not realize we have a partner who speaks of recognition, of ending the conflict and relinquishing the right of return.”

According to Yaalon, "There is a problem that is unsolvable, but all is not lost. It is possible to promote essential elements such as the economy, governance, law and order. When will I be convinced that we have a partner? Once they cease to teach their children to wear explosive belts and blow themselves up on Israelis, and once Israel will appear in their textbooks, and Tel Aviv, which is for them a ‘settlement’, appears on their maps.”

The Defense Minister also had a stern warning for Syria, in the wake of Friday evening’s incident when an explosion occurred near an IDF vehicle.

No one was hurt, but damage was caused to the vehicle. An IDF investigation has found that the explosion was caused by a concealed explosive device operated against Israeli soldiers.

"What is happening today in Syria produces new threats we did not previously know,” said Yaalon. “Our policy is very clear: We do not interfere in the internal civil war, but we have clear red lines: Not to allow the transfer of weapons to hostile elements, with an emphasis on Hezbollah, not to transfer chemical weapons and not infringe on our sovereignty in the Golan Heights.”

"When it happens in the Golan Heights we respond. Yesterday there was an incident that we do not know was behind it. I would advise all parties on the other side of the border, whether it be government organizations, Global Jihad, Hezbollah or anyone else: do not test our red lines, because we will defend our interests,” he warned.