Right-Wing European Alliance To Challenge EU

French nationalist Le Pen and Holland's Wilders to discuss alliance opposing the EU from within, unite right-wing movements.

Ari Yashar ,

Wilders in Tel Aviv (file)
Wilders in Tel Aviv (file)
Yoni Kempinski

French right-wing leader Marine Le Pen will meet Dutch Geert Wilders, an outspoken critic of Islam, at The Hague on Wednesday to speak about a possible alliance in opposing the European Union (EU).

Wilders and Le Pen reportedly share similar immigration and protectionism policies, although Wilders has been an outspoken supporter of Israel while Le Pen has had an anti-Semitic image.

Talk of an alliance began in September as both sides discussed joining forces ahead of next May's European Parliament elections. Last month Wilders warned that parties such as his and Le Pen's "could make the europhile elite sing a different tune."

AFP reports that in order for Le Pen's National Front (FN) party and Wilders's Party for Freedom (PVV) to form a right-wing bloc in the EU, they would need to get politicians on board from at least a quarter of the EU's 28 member states, and then have 25 of their members voted into the European Parliament.

Were they to succeed in doing so, they would become an official European political group with various financial benefits, committee seats and rights.

Several potential groups that may join the two include the Alternative for Germany (AfD), Vlaams Belang in Belgium, Italy's Northern League, and Austria's Freedom Party.

While Wilders's PVV had its seats halved to 13 in a Dutch election in September 2012, recently the group has experienced a resurgence, exhibiting a very strong showing in opinion polls.