Israel to Deploy Iron Dome Missile Defense

"We have decided to deploy Iron Dome and other interceptors," Netanyahu said as Israel prepares to protect its borders and citizens.

Kochava Rozenbaum ,

Iron Dome system
Iron Dome system
Israel news photo: Flash 90

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu revealed that Israel will deploy its Iron Dome system, on Thursday, at the start of security consultations at the Defense Ministry in Tel Aviv.

"At present there is no need to change daily routines,” Netanyahu reassured and added, “Despite the low assessment regarding Israel's involvement in what is going on in Syria, we decided to deploy Iron Dome batteries as well as our other intercept systems.

“We are not involved in the civil war in Syria. But I would like to reiterate, if anyone one tries to harm Israel's citizens, the IDF will respond very strongly."

Netanyahu echoed the comments made by President Shimon Peres in insisting that Israel will not take part in Syria’s civil war, but will take defensive and offensive measures if attacked.

"Israel has a strong army, modern and powerful, and a more advanced defense system than ever before," Peres said. According to the veteran Israeli President, the situation in Syria "is not a local incident but a crime against humanity."

Israeli media and officials sought to calm the public on Thursday, as lines for gas masks lengthen. "Keep calm and carry on" was the advice give to the Israeli public during this tense time, echoing a slogan designed by the British government in World War II.

On Wednesday, Netanyahu's security cabinet authorized a limited call-up of military reserves, but the prime minister said members of the public had "no reason to change their routines."

An additional cabinet meeting led by the prime minister is set to take place on Sunday.