Aleppo: Syrian Rebels 'Cut Off' Regime Troops

Rebels claim to have taken the road to Aleppo, cutting off supplies to gov't troops and threatening the regime's hold on Syria's 2nd city.

David Lev ,

Civilians carry their belongings following fi
Civilians carry their belongings following fi
AFP/Philippe Desmazes

Syrian rebels claimed on Monday that they had conquered the road to Aleppo in the north of the country. As a result, they said, supply lines for soldiers loyal to President Bashar al-Assad have been cut off. According to human rights groups in London, the road was closed off late Sunday, and Assad's soldiers are now isolated.

According to the rebels, Assad's soldiers are out of food, and close to the end of their cache of ammunition. The Syrian government has not commented on the claims.

Last week, the Free Men of the Levant Islamic movement, which is part of the Syrian Islamic Front, said that it had successfully regained positions that were recently lost to the Syrian army in the city of Al-Safira, near Aleppo. According to the announcement, the rebels captured a number of checkpoints and killed dozens of Syrian army soldiers, and then succeeded in surrounding Iranian troops fighting alongside the Syrian army.

Several weeks ago, rebels claimed to have conquered the Minnigh air force base in the Aleppo area, after keeping it under siege for months. The Syrian government denied that claim.

Syrian Rebels Claim to Have Cut Off Soldiers in Aleppo