Jab at John Kerry?
Min. Ariel: Emissaries are Telling 'Tall Tales'

Housing Minister: between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea, there will be only one state

Gil Ronen ,

Housing Minister Uri Ariel
Housing Minister Uri Ariel
Flash 90

Construction and Housing Minister Uri Ariel appeared to be taking a pot shot at U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry Thursday when he spoke somewhat derisively of “all kinds of emissaries running about” in the region, telling “tall tales” (literally, “grandmothers' stories”) – presumably about a two-state solution.

“In recent days... in the last year... there have been all kinds of emissaries running around here, and they have been telling us 'tall tales,' to use a favorite term of the president,” Ariel said.

“We can say simply, with a calm voice, that between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea, there is only one state, will be only one state. It is ours not because we conquered it but because we received a promise from G-d, and that is why we are here.”

"We have built many buildings, including many 'small temples',” said Ariel, employing a term used in the Jewish world to refer to synagogues. “We need something that is not 'like the Temple. We need the Temple. On the Temple Mount.”

Min. Ariel spoke at the Second Conference for Shilo Studies, where findings from the archaeological site at Shilo were presented.