US Business Conference for Observant Women

In May, a new conference will help observant Jewish women grow their income in new, more sophisticated ways.

Hana Levi Julian ,

Observant women at work (illus.)
Observant women at work (illus.)
Israel news photo: Flash 90

In a time in which every dollar counts, a  business organization is putting together a conference that will help observant Jewish women grow their income in new, more sophisticated ways.

Observant female professionals and entrepreneurs – and those who are heading in that direction – are gathering Sunday, May 5 at The Hyatt Regency in New Brunswick, NJ for the First National Business Conference for Observant Women Entrepreneurs and Professionals.

The gathering, organized by a team of women leaders and experts together with The Jewish Woman Entrepreneur, is aimed at helping observant women to balance successful businesses and careers with a dedicated, sincere Torah lifestyle.

“The conference will be an unprecedented learning experience,” said Chaya Fishman, founder and executive director of The Jewish Woman Entrepreneur.

“Participants will hear from established women business owners and professionals on a variety of business-related topics needed by every business owner to ensure success,” she said.

Sessions to be offered include the formation of legal entities, managing employees, marketing, raising capital, speaking effectively and financial planning, among others.

Networking ranks high on the list of activities of the day, “the opportunity to create strategic partnerships with like-minded women,” Fishman said.

“The conference is a collaborative effort intended to be friendly and educational for a wide spectrum of observant women.”

Catering is to be provided by Elite Caterers under the kosher supervision of the KAJ. For more information, click here.