Al Qaeda Terrorists Track Israeli Soldiers

Al Qaeda terrorists have been spotted on Israel’s border in the Golan Heights, tracking IDF soldiers from the Syrian side of the fence.

Chana Ya'ar ,

PM Netanyahu in the Golan
PM Netanyahu in the Golan
Israel news photo: Flash 90

Al Qaeda terrorists have been spotted along Israel’s northern border from the Golan Heights, tracking IDF soldiers from the Syrian side of the fence.

The operatives, who are fighting on the side of the opposition forces attempting to oust Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, are members of a 13-faction radical Islamic coalition, the Islamic Front for the Liberation of Syria that has declared itself completely separate from the mainstream opposition sector. Most of the group's members are linked to the international Al Qaeda terrorist organization.

The terrorists who were spotted were seen a few meters from the Israeli border in a video published Tuesday by the Al Furqan terror network, whose members have carried out terror attacks in Iraq and Yemen. The video shows members of the terror group following the Israeli soldiers patrolling the border fence.

In another video released a few days earlier, Syrian rebel fighters are also reportedly seen tracking Israeli Air Force soldiers. The video show rebels displaying anti-tank missiles, which they claim are former IDF weapons.

Israel’s Ambassador to the United Nations Ron Prosor sent an urgent letter this week to U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, warning that the situation on the Golan Heights is in danger of escalating.

Three mortar shells fired from Syria exploded Saturday in the southern part of the region, near the community of Ramat Magshimim. 

No one was hurt and no damage was caused. The defense establishment told media it is believed the shells were strays, fired in the course of the civil war between rebel fighters and Syrian government forces.

However, Saturday’s mortar fire followed a series of similar incidents over the past several months, including shelling that occurred last week in Alonei HaBashan, located just 700 meters from the border. That mortar shell landed without exploding, officials said.

“So far, Israel has shown maximum restraint,” Prosor wrote. “You must act as soon as possible before the situation deteriorates... Firing on Israeli territory is a violation of the cease fire agreement between Israel and Syria. These incidents have the potential to incite an already tense region.

“Israel will not stand by while its citizens’ lives are at risk from reckless behavior in Syria,” he added.