Profanities and 'Spy' Allegations on Hizbullah TV

A political talk show on Hizbullah television turned into an exchange of insults and allegations of "spying" for Israel.

Rachel Hirshfeld ,

Israel news photo: Flash 90

A political talk show about the crisis in Syria on Hizbullah’s television channel “turned into an exchange of insults, profanities and almost developed into a fist fight,” Al-Arabiya news reported.

Salem Zahran, Director of the Media Focal Center (Irtikaz) and an avid supporter of the Syrian regime was brought in to debate Asaad Bishara, a journalist for Lebanon’s al-Joumhouria newspaper, who supports the Syrian revolution and insists that Bashar al-Assad must be removed from power.

According to Al-Arabiya, tensions flared when “Zahran accused Bishara of working as a ‘spy’ for Israel and called him a ‘foul.’”

Bishara hit back with profanities against Zahran, who then responded with insults and even reverted to throwing a glass of water on his opponent.

The show host was reportedly forced to protect Bishara from his furious opponent.

Seconds later, al-Manar TV suspended the broadcast.

After a short intermission, the discussion resumed, the show host apologized, and the two opponents shook hands, Al-Arabiya reported.