Jeremy and Ari Undaunted by Result

Hasbara duo kept a stiff upper lip after learning that Gimpel will likely not be in the 19th Knesset.

Gil Ronen ,

Ari and Jeremy
Ari and Jeremy
Israel news photo: TNL

Jeremy Gimpel, who is in the 14th place in Bayit Yehudi's list, and his longtime associate Ari Abramowitz, maintained their composure and optimism Tuesday night, when results from the elections indicated that Gimpel would not make it into the 19th Knesset.

By Wednesday evening, Gimpel's chances appeared increasingly slim, but Bayit Yehudi still hopes to be able to place 12 MKs in the next Knesset. This will depend on the result of the soldier's votes, which will be calculated Thursday.