First-Hand Account of Temple Mount Discrimination

A Jerusalem city council member tells Arutz Sheva of his humiliation and discrimination against Jews at the Temple Mount.

Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu ,

Temple Mount: Jews restricted
Temple Mount: Jews restricted
Israel news photo: Flash 90

Jerusalem city council member Yair Gabai told Arutz Sheva of his first-hand humiliation and of discrimination against Jews, especially those who are religious, trying to visit the Temple Mount. He said he has asked Public Security Minister Yitzchak Aharonovitch to order equal treatment for Jews and Arabs but doubts any action will be taken, at least not before next month’s elections.

“The only group of people prohibited from the Temple Mount are Jews, even though it is our holiest place and holier to us than to any other people,” he said. “

Immediately after he arrived, Gabai said he experienced the discrimination against religious Jews like himself.

“We were interrogated with questions such as where we were going, why we came and what we intended to do on the Temple Mount, questions that non-observant Jews are not asked.”

Gabai said that if the interrogation was for security issues, he would not have complaints, “but these kind of questions are unacceptable. He added, “Special police were needed, not to protect us from Arabs but rather to make sure we would not utter even one verse of prayer,” which the Muslim authorities on the Temple Mount forbid, not allowing freedom of religion to Jews.

Police were particularly aggressive in their attitude, according to Gabai. He said they remove anyone who even appears to be praying from the Temple Mount.

In addition, on the day he visited, Jews were restricted from ascending the Temple Mount except for one hour.

Due to the extensive interrogation, he said little time remained to actually be on the Temple Mount.

On the other hand, Arabs are given free entry, he added.