26-Year-Old Wins International Torah Contest

Rephael Meyuchas, an Israeli from Netanya took first place in the 2012 International Torah Competition.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Rephael Meyuchas (center) with Sa'ar and Neta
Rephael Meyuchas (center) with Sa'ar and Neta
Muki Schwartz

Rephael Meyuchas, an Israeli, aged 26 from Netanya, took first place in the 2012 International Torah Competition on Wednesday, scoring a total of 64 points.

During the final round of the competition, Meyuchas answered all eight questions correctly, placing him in first place from among hundreds of competitors from dozens of countries worldwide.

Rabbi Ezra Frazer from the United States came in second place, with a total of 52 points, while Dr. Lenny Warner from Canada came in third place with 48 points.

The competition took place at the International Convention Center in Jerusalem and was attended by Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and Education Minister Gideon Sa’ar.

"The Torah is the birth certificate and identity of every Jewish person,” Sa’ar said at the competition. “It is a priceless treasure and source of the Hebrew language; it is the foundation of our values, and historical rights of our people.”

“Knowledge of the Torah gives the Jews dignity and pride in our roots and heritage and recognition of the eternal right of the Jewish people to the Land,” he continued. “Understanding the moral contributions of the Torah helps to strengthen the spirit of the people and strengthen strong connection between all parts of the nation,” Sa’ar added.