‘Arab MKs have Crossed All Red Lines’

Likud MK slams Arab factions over picture of PM Netanyahu as a bloody-handed killer.

Maayana Miskin ,

MK Afou Agbaria
MK Afou Agbaria
Flash 90

Likud MK Ofir Akunis has called for a criminal investigation against MK Afou Agbaria (Hadash) over a Facebook picture portraying Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu as a bloody-handed killer.

“The Arab Members of Knesset are crossing every red line and competing between themselves over the severity of their incitement against the state of Israel,” Akunis charged.

“The time has come to stand firm against the Arab MKs’ extremism and to set limits,” he continued. “An MK who publishes a photo of the Prime Minister with blood on his hands, and an MK who stands for a moment of silence in memory of ‘martyrs’ – have no place in Knesset, and we will work to ensure they are not in Knesset.”

Akunis is asking to investigate Agrabia for allegedly violating a law against publicizing “incitement to violence or terrorism, or praise, encouragement or support for violence or terrorism… where, given the content of the incitement and the circumstances under which it was published, there is a real possibility that it will lead to violence or terrorism.”

The punishment for those who violate the above law is five years in prison.

Many of the mainstream Knesset factions, including Kadima, Likud, Labor and Yisrael Beyteinu, have Arab and Druze representatives on their lists. The Knesset also includes two Arab-only factions - Ra'am Ta'al and Balad - and one primarily Arab list, Hadash. The latter three parties, Balad and Ra'am Ta'al in particular, have often been criticized for extreme anti-Israel criticism and support for terrorism.