Gantz to Reservists: Look Backwards Once

As the IDF prepares for a possible ground operation in Gaza, Chief of Staff Benny Gantz offers words of encouragement to reservists.

Elad Benari & Gil Ronen ,

Gantz meets reservists
Gantz meets reservists
Flash 90

As the IDF continued to prepare for a possible ground operation in Gaza, Chief of Staff Benny Gantz met on Sunday with some of the reservists who have been called up for duty in recent days.

On Friday, Defense Minister Ehud Barak authorized the IDF to expand the call-up of the reserves, and Cabinet ministers were asked to approve the recruitment of another 75,000 reservists.

During the meeting with the reservists, Gantz offered them some words of advice and encouragement.

“Meeting you is a moving experience because it shows us the strength to continue the assignment,” he said. “People came here from Ashkelon, from Be'er Sheva, from Ofakim – and to tell the truth, it doesn’t matter where you're from because the range of the missiles covers the country from north to south. It makes no difference if you are from Sderot or Tel Aviv. We will operate with a level head but with determination, and we will do whatever needs to be done in accordance with the assessments we have.

“You need to continue to take things seriously, with a high morale and cohesion, this is vital,” added Gantz. “Add to that professionalism. In the end, fighting in urban surroundings is challenging. It will not always be easy, but the ability exists. When you go in – take a moment to look backwards once to remember why you are doing it, look at Sderot, Ofakim and the communities you do not see – and from that moment stop looking backward and look only forward. I wish you and all of us success.”