Return to Normalcy Not Likely as Schools Close

Home Front Command announced bans on public gatherings and the closing of schools within 7-40 kilometers of Gaza.

Annie Lubin ,

Rocket Attack
Rocket Attack
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While the lives of hundreds of thousands of Israelis living in the south of the country have been turned upside down in the past week, it seems that normalcy is not something that will be returning in the immediate future. The Home Front Command announced Wednesday that following the security situation in the south and the beginning of the military operation 'Pillar of Defense' in Gaza, there will be no school Thursday for all school districts within 7-40 kilometers of Gaza.

In addition, for the safety of the population, a ban was placed on any large gatherings of 100 or more people. A ban was also placed on activities in shopping centers and all non-essential jobs will be closed.

The Basketball Association has canceled all Wednesday night games scheduled to take place in the south of Ashdod and Be'er Sheva, in coordination with the Home Front Command. The association will hold daily assessments to decide whether or not it is safe enough to conduct various activities.

The bans on gathering and the closing of schools come after the IDF promised a stronger response to the incessant rockets being launched from Gaza. Earlier Wednesday, Israeli forces assassinated the senior commander of the Hamas military wing in Gaza, Ahmed Jaabari. The army carried out a successful hit on Jaabari’s car, killing everyone inside including his son.