Dirshu NY Grand Celebration of Torah Learning

The Dirshu organization is holding another blockbuster Torah event – this time, a 'Melave Malka' to end a Sabbath Olam HaTorah Convention.

Chana Ya'ar and Chaim Gold ,

Dirshu Torah scholars
Dirshu Torah scholars
Courtesy of Dirshu

The Dirshu organization is holding another blockbuster Torah event – this time, the 'Melave Malka' culmination of a Sabbath Olam HaTorah Convention.

The program will feature festive Torah lectures and addresses by three famed rabbis - Rabbi Berel Povarsky, Rabbi Elya Ber Wachtfogel, the Vienner Rov, and Rabbi Asher Anshel Katz -  followed by numerous others.

"Dirshu has become an important mass movement among the People of Israel that is having a transformational effect,” said the organization's North American director, Rabbi Ahron Gobioff. That transformation is the fact that so many Jews from all over the world, from all walks of life are seeking the knowledge of Torah in all areas of Torah by following a plan that enables the serious Jew, regardless of who he is, to learn and master large areas of Torah and really know them enough to be tested on them.”

Recently hundreds of North American Dirshu members joined thousands of others in Israel to complete a cycle of Daf Yomi, daily study of the Talmud. Hundreds of others finished study cycles in other holy tomes in order to become rabbinic decisors.

"This calls for a celebration, for a massive banquet, not just for those who have mastered so much, but for all members of the People of Israel,” explained Gobioff.

There will be a special program for the wives of the scholars, the “behind the scenes heroines,” as Gobioff put it.

"When the wife of a Dirshu participant comes to an event... she is coming as a true partner in her husband's Torah learning. She lives and breathes the same test schedule, she willingly sacrifices her husband's assistance in the home at some of the most important 'rush hours' of the day so that he can learn,” acknowledged the Dirshu official.

"It is something that no one wants to miss,” he added. .

"Without a doubt the keynote session on Motzei Shabbos (Saturday night) featuring the Grand Siyum Melave Malka (Celebration of a Learning Cycle) that is open to the general public promises to be an outpouring of extraordinary simcha (joy), singing and dancing as everyone celebrates the incredible Torah learning accomplishments of their brothers.

"While there is no fee to come in, an RSVP is required by calling 888-5-DIRSHU, ext. 115. The organization is inviting the Jewish world to spend Saturday night celebrating in the Grand Ballroom of the DoubleTree Hotel in Tarrytown, New York.