Teen Killed in Shootout near Beit Shemesh

A disturbed 18-year-old threatened murder, then attempted to kill police volunteers. He was shot and killed.

Maayana Miskin ,

Crime scene (file)
Crime scene (file)
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An 18-year-old youth from Petach Tikva was shot and killed overnight Thursday in a shootout with police volunteers near the city of Beit Shemesh.

Police attempting to reconstruct the sequence of last night’s events believe the story started when Raz Attias, 18, took his parents’ car and his father’s gun. He then picked up his 17-year-old girlfriend, and the two drove to a forest near Beit Shemesh. While there, Attias used his father’s gun to fire shots in the air.

The young man had sent a message to the Channel 2 News website that he and his girlfriend planned to commit suicide.

Police volunteers passing by a while later spotted Attias driving wildly, and saw him hit a guardrail. They approached the damaged vehicle to offer assistance.

Attias then put the gun to his girlfriend’s head and threatened to shoot her, while she cried, “Don’t shoot me, I don’t want to die.” He then suddenly began firing on the volunteers. One suffered light head wounds.

The volunteers fired back, critically wounding Attias, who died a short time later.

The injured volunteer and Attias’ girlfriend, who did not suffer physical injury, were taken to Hadassah Ein Karem hospital for treatment.