MK Eldad: Come to Migron Now!

Knesset member calls on supporters of Migron to go there immediately, says eviction is planned for morning.

Gil Ronen ,

Road to Migron blocked (file)
Road to Migron blocked (file)
Israel News photo: Uzi Baruch

MK Aryeh Eldad (National Union) called upon nationalists Saturday evening to head toward the community of Migron as soon as possible, in order to protest the eviction that he says will apparently take place in the morning.

"As far as I know, they are going to start the eviction of Migron tomorrow morning," Eldad wrote in his Facebook account. "They will close off the roads in order to prevent supporters of the community from showing up, and avoid a legitimate protest."

"I call upon whoever holds the building and settlement of the Land dear to his heart to get to Migron by any route possible and to hold a nonviolent protest there against the crime of eviction and destruction of a community, most of which is now on land that was bought by the Jewish settlers."

"We will not be violent," he added, "but the police will have to use force to evict us from there. This ia legitimate protest. Lack of protest will communicate to Netanyahu that there is no problem and he can continue [to evict settlers]. After Migron, additional communities will be put on the chopping block. Only if he understands that he is dealing with a public that is loyal to the Land of Israel and to the settlement enterprise, and that is willing to absorb blows and be arrested, he himself will give instructions to stop the destruction."