Mitt Romney Forms Jewish American Coalition

Days after returning from his trip to Israel, Mitt Romney formed a Jewish American coalition in an effort to bolster his bid for presidency.

Rachel Hirshfeld ,

Mitt Romney with Netanyahu
Mitt Romney with Netanyahu

Days after returning from his trip to Israel where he declared Jerusalem to be the undivided capital of the Jewish state, Mitt Romney formed a Jewish American coalition in an effort to bolster his bid for the presidency.

"The Jewish community has made contributions to American society that stand in amazing disproportion to its numbers, and I am genuinely honored to have so many of its leading thinkers, diplomats and political leaders support my campaign," Romney said in an announcement released Tuesday through his presidential campaign.

The coalition is co-chaired by the Republican House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.), former Hawaii Jewish Governor Linda Lingle, former Senators Norm Coleman and Rudy Boschwitz, and Adam Hasner, a Florida congressional candidate.

“Governor Romney understands that peace in the Middle East will only be achieved when Israel is secure within its borders and not the target of violence fueled by senseless hatred,” Cantor wrote in the coalition’s opening statement. “He will leave no stone unturned in the effort to keep Israel secure.”

The group's 39-member advisory board includes top advisers to his campaign who have served in previous Republican administrations, including Tevi Troy, Dov Zakheim and Den Senor.

Alluding to his recent visit to the Jewish state and highlighting a stark contrast between the current administration’s stance on Israel and his own, Romney asserted, "Having just visited Israel at a critical juncture in the history of the Middle East, I am persuaded that now, more than ever, America needs to stand with Israel."

"I will extend the hand of friendship because our partnership is not merely a strategic alliance but a force for good in the world,” he said.

The main purpose of the coalition, he said, is “to reach out to the Jewish community and help increase support for the Governor which in my mind has been escalating daily.”