B'tselem Board Member to Head Heb. U Law Faculty

Prof. Yuval Shany is a board member of B'tselem, which specializes in besmirching Israel.

Gil Ronen ,

Hebrew University
Hebrew University
Israel news photo: Flash 90

Hebrew University has appointed ultra-leftist Prof. Yuval Shany to head its Faculty of Law.

Shany is an expert on international law, human rights and humanitarian law. He is also a board member of B'tselem, a group that specializes in besmirching Israel for its control of Judea and Samaria.

Grassroots Zionist group Im Tirtzu has pointed to alleged links between B'tselem and terror funding.

According to Israel Academia Monitor (IAM), Shany co-authored a B'tselem report that accused Israel of creating a water shortage among Arabs in the Jordan Valley and the northern Dead Sea. According to IAM, the report said: "Israel has instituted a regime that massively exploits the resources of the Jordan Valley and the northern Dead Sea, far more than elsewhere in the West Bank, demonstrating its intention: to de facto annex the area."