Shalhevet Pass' Sister Hurt in Hevron Rock Attack

The sister of 10-month old terror victim Shalhevet Pass among three girls hurt in Arab rock attack on Jewish children in Hevron

Gabe Kahn ,

Arab rock throwers / archive
Arab rock throwers / archive
Israel news photo: Flash 90

Three Jewish children were hurt in an Arab rock attack in Hevron on Tuesday afternoon.

The attack took place as the children played on a playground in the Avraham Avinu neighborhood.

The victims were treated at the scene by Hatzalah emergency rescue paramedics.

Among the wounded children was a sister of Shalhevet Pass, Kol Yehudi radio reports.

Shalhevet Pass was murdered in 2001 by a Palestinian Authority sniper who aimed at her from a window while she was lying in her pram. She was just 10 months old.

Rock and firebomb attacks on Israelis have become an increasingly common phenomenon over the past several months.

Hevron, where Israel's GSS recently broke up a ring of Hamas terror cells, has become a focal point of such violence.

It has also seen three knife attacks targeting IDF and Border Police personnel recent months.