Report: Conservatives Win Greece's Election

Official projections show conservative New Democracy party in first place with about 129 of Parliament's 300 seats.

Gil Ronen ,

Supporter of conservative New Democracy
Supporter of conservative New Democracy

Official projections show the conservative New Democracy party as coming in first with about 130 of Parliament's 300 seats, ahead of the anti-bailout radical left Syriza party, the Huffington Post wrote Sunday.

The head of the socialist PASOK party, which is projected to come in third in this critical election, has proposed that a unity government be formed by the four top parties, including the radical left, which opposes an European Union bailout for the economically devastated country.

New Democracy and PASOK could form a pro-bailout coalition.

But the Associated Press reported that PASOK's Evangelos Venizelos said that a government be formed quickly and suggested a coalition between New Democracy, Syriza, PASOK and the small Democratic Left.

Greece held its second national election in just six weeks to try to select a new government after an inconclusive election on May 6.

Sunday's vote is seen as crucial for Europe and the world, since it could determine whether Greece will leave the joint euro currency. This move could have catastrophic consequences for other ailing European nations and the global economy.

Based on the poll projections Sunday, Greece's two traditional parties – the conservative New Democracy and the socialist PASOK – would have enough seats to form a coalition together. They have both expressed a willingness to work with other European nations within the euro zone.

The Golden Dawn party, widely seen as neo-Nazi, roughly maintained the 7 percent level it won in May.