Gush Katif Evacuees to Beit El: Don't Be Suckers

Arutz Sheva meets Gush Katif expellees whose “caravilla” homes were moved to Beit El.

Elad Benari & Yoni Kempinski ,

Caravan homes for Givat HaUlpana evictees.
Caravan homes for Givat HaUlpana evictees.
Israel news photo: Flash 90

Arutz Sheva met with expellees from Gush Katif who were expecting to receive “caravilla”-type pre-fabricated homes. However, the homes ended up being sent to Beit El where they are to hold the families that will be expelled from their homes in the Ulpana neighborhood.

The homes were originally meant for expellees from the community of Neve Dekalim, who are building their new homes in a Lachish-region town called Bnei Dekalim.

Yechezkel Frucht, one of the co-founders of Bnei Dekalim, expressed his disappointment over the incident. He explained that his outrage is not just because the homes being sent to Beit El means that the expellees are facing the prospect of another year in the temporary caravan sites that have become long-term homes, but also because they are being used to expel more Jews from their homes.

“We want to build here, and now they are using the caravans which were supposed to be here to kick people out of their homes,” he said. “Again, we see a déjà vu – we see the same thing that happened in Gush Katif. It’s the same horrible phenomenon.”

Frucht only had one message for the people of Beit El, who were promised 300 new homes by the government: “Don’t be suckers.”

“They said to us in Gush Katif that it’ll be a short time before there is a solution,” he said. “Until now we haven’t even seen an edge of a solution. You have to think about other ways to show people the big mistake of being kicked out of your home.”