Campaign Calls on Likud Voters to ‘Come Home’

The Jewish Home party is calling on Likud voters who identify with the right to “come home.” More switch as Regulation Bill fails.

Maayana Miskin ,

Jewish Home MKs in Efrat
Jewish Home MKs in Efrat
Flash 90

The Jewish Home party has begun a campaign to target the many thousands of religious-Zionist Israelis who are officially registered as members of Likud. The campaign calls on voters to “come home” to the Jewish Home.

It has been particularly successful in recent days following the Likud’s decision to vote against the Regulation Bill, which aimed to save Judea and Samaria homes from demolition. Since the bill was voted down more than 500 people have switched from Likud to Jewish Home.

The campaign is headed by Naftali Bennet, a former advisor to Netanyahu and former Yesha Council head.

Bennet has spoken to several groups of Likud members in recent days about what he terms “the failed concept” of joining the Likud to have an influence on Israel’s leadership. “Ultimately, when it came to all the big things the nationalist camp opposed, Likud members had no influence over the Prime Minister or the ministers,” he said.

Likud members were unable to prevent the 2005 “Disengagement” despite voting against it in a party poll.

“The only way,” Bennet says, “is to create a new nationalist camp that will keep Netanyahu in line… with MKs who do not fear the Prime Minister and are dependent on their voters alone.”

Volunteers at booths throughout the country are taking part in the campaign. Likud members can also switch their membership over the internet.