France: Jew-Haters Attack 3 Near Lyon

Ten people with hammer, iron bar, brutalize Jews. Officials confirm motive is anti-Semitism.

Gil Ronen ,

Moment of silence at Jewish school in Nice
Moment of silence at Jewish school in Nice

Three people were brutalized in an anti-Semitic attack Saturday at Villeurbaine, near Lyon in southeast France. Two of the victims were hospitalized: one suffered an open head wound and the other was injured in the neck.

The attackers numbered about ten and were armed with a hammer and an iron bar.  

The victims wore skullcaps. 

The office of Interior Minister Manuel Valls said Sunday that the attack was anti-Semitic and said police forces had been mobilized to find the assailants.

In March, a Muslim gunman murdered a rabbi and three Jewish children at point blank range in Toulouse.