MK: Put ‘Proud’ Criminal Back in Jail

MK Braverman calls to put Hagai Amir back in jail as he expresses pride in his actions.

Maayana Miskin,

Hagai Amir released from prison
Hagai Amir released from prison
Flash 90

MK Avishai Braverman (Labor) called Friday for Hagai Amir to be put back in prison. “Hagai Amir’s release from prison this morning and his declaration that he is proud of his actions show that nothing has changed,” he said.

Amir flashed a “V” sign for “victory” as he left jail and said, “I have no regrets, I’m proud of what I did.”

“I call for the relevant authorities to see if he can be put back in jail, or if his movements can be restricted in some way,” said Braverman, who expressed concern that Amir could still pose a threat.

Amir served 16 years in prison for conspiracy to murder in the assassination of Prime Minister Yitzchak Rabin and related crimes. He served another six months for threatening to kill then-Prime Minister Ariel Sharon.

Activists from the right and left of the political spectrum greeted Amir as he left prison. A handful of land of Israel activists who greeted Amir told reporters they believe he was innocent all along.

Activists from the far-left Meretz party held signs with the date of Rabin’s death accompanied by the words “Price Tag” and a picture of bleeding bullet holes. The phrase “price tag” is often used to refer to retaliatory attacks against Palestinian Authority Arabs following terrorism.