Cruelty beyond imagination
Video Shows Syrian Soldiers Burying Rebel Alive

Gruesome footage appears to show Assad loyalists burying a man alive. BBC not sure it is genuine.

Gil Ronen ,

A man shouts from window afterr shelling by A
A man shouts from window afterr shelling by A

A video uploaded to the internet's YouTube service appears to show a group of Syrian soldiers loyal to President Bashar Assad burying a man who is alive, as he pleads for mercy.

The soldiers accused the man of carrying a camera in order to shoot video of Assad's forces and transfer the video to television networks.

The men are seen standing around a hole that has been dug in the ground. The man is inside the hole and the soldiers are pointing their guns at him.

One of the soldiers tells his commander: "Yes sir, we put him there as you ordered." The commander asks: "Did you find anything on this cursed animal?"

The soldiers are later seen pouring dirt on the man's head as he cries. After they finish covering his head they taunt him: "Say there is no G-d except Bashar, you animal."

The man says "There is no G-d except Allah."

A Tweeter message from a BBC journalist said the network is "investigating" the video. "We're not convinced it's genuine at this stage [and have noticed] a few anomalies," the message said.