Bomb Shelter Theater Cheers Southern Israel

Dancers, magicians and others make their way to southern bomb shelters to cheer families under fire.

Maayana Miskin ,

Clown (illustrative)
Clown (illustrative)
Flash 90

Residents of southern Israel have spent the past two days running to bomb shelters as Gaza terrorists bombard the region with rocket fire. On Sunday, a dozen artists from around the country decided to make their life a bit more pleasant by providing live entertainment even as rocket alert sirens sound.

Among those who appeared were dancer Yael Paran, puppet artist Ilanit Einstein, and magician Shmulik Dandin. They not only agreed to visit regions under rocket fire, but did not ask for their usual fees, and were paid only the cost of travel.

The artists visited the Shaar Hanegev and Hof Ashkelon regions. The visit was coordinated by the World Zionist Organization (WZO) group Tarbut L’Israel (Culture for Israel).

“We have been following the situation in the south with concern, and will do whatever we can to help residents of the region have a calmer, more pleasant time,” said Yaakov Hagoel, the head of the Department for Activities in Israel and Countering anti-Semitism of the WZO.

Rinat Galon of Tarbut L’Yisrael said, “We are in touch with local culture coordinators, and will do the maximum to help them at times of crisis like these. The artists answered our call to go south. We were pleased to hear great excitement from both sides regarding this project, and are doing everything we can to expand the number of performances and artists appearing in the south in the upcoming days.”