Lebanese Columnist: Judaism is a "Fairytale"

A Lebanese columnist said that the Jewish religion is a “fairy tale” and the Jewish people have no history in Jerusalem, MEMRI exposed.

Rachel Hirshfeld ,

Kotel menorah (file)
Kotel menorah (file)
Israel news photo: Flash 90

Lebanese columnist, Jihad Al-Khazan said in an interview with Egypt’s CBC TY that the Jewish religion is a “fairy tale” and that the Jewish people have no biblical or historical rights ties to Jerusalem, the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) exposed.

“In Jerusalem, there are no archeological remains of the Jews or any of their prophets. They have no history. People forget that during Yitzhak Rabin’s first term in government, in the early 1980s (sic.)… I was in America at the time studying at Georgetown University. Rabin excavated under the Haram Al-Sharif, and uncovered the remains of an Umayyad palace. There are no (Jewish) archeological remains. There is no Solomon’s Temple or any other temple.,” Al Khazan claimed.

“They did not enter our country, nor did they leave them. They were never in Egypt of in the Sinai.  Ask Dr. Zahi Hawwas if he has found any Jewish archeological remains in Egypt of in the Sinai. Modern historians including some Jews, call these ‘Torah fairy tales,’” he continued.

“The Islamic religion was delivered in the light of history. Divine inspiration would come to the Prophet Muhammad, and he would put it on record that same day.

"The Christian religion was recorded by Jesus’ disciples 40 or 50 years later.When were all still alive. The Jewish religion was recorded after 1,000 years. Its like you and me discussing family fairy tales about the Crusades. The Crusades took place 800 years ago, not 1,000 years.”

“This religion is a fairy tale. We must sever Islam’s ties with (the Jews). They prophets are not the prophets of the Muslims. Islamist scholars must have the courage to show that these people are frauds. That religion can’t possibly be true,” he claimed.