Video: Ex-Netanyahu Aide Says Let Israel Attack

“How can Israel not attack Iran?” asks former Netanyahu aide Bennett on Fox News. Iran is an “octopus of terror.”

Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu ,

Naftali Bennett
Naftali Bennett
Israel news photo: TNL

The United States must let Israel attack Iran now, before it is too late to stop “a maniacal radical regime” from acquiring nuclear weapons, Naftali Bennett, former Chief of Staff for Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, told Mike Huckabee on his Saturday time slot on Fox News.

Bennett, who also served two years as director of the Council of Jewish Communities in Judea and Samaria, says he thinks an Israeli military strike is imminent.  

“Iran is racing towards acquiring a nuclear weapon. We are the very least moment. This will be the first time in world history that a maniacal radical Islamic regime will acquire a nuclear weapon,” Bennett told viewers.

”Iran is an octopus of terror” that spreads its tentacle as far away as Bangkok and Washington, said the former senior government official.

Asked if Israel could sustain a prolonged conflict with the Islamic Republic, he stated, “If necessary, we will. America has more [military] capabilities, but most of Iran’s facilities are still vulnerable. Right now, we could still take them out, but a year from now it is going to be a different ball game.”

Bennett criticized the Obama administration for having “squandered the ability to issue crippling and even paralyzing sanctions on Iran “the past three years. The new sanctions are “too little and too later,” he added.

He reminded Huckabee that the world condemned Israel for its pre-emptive strike on Iraq’s nuclear reactor 30 in 19181, but the world then “blessed” Israel for the action a decade later."

He said Israel cannot afford to wait for 12 months, when “we don’t what we are going to see.”

“There are no guarantees that others will take care of this…. If necessary, we will do this job for the world, but please, please don’t tell us to stand back and just wait and I guess pray for something good to happen,” he continued.

“Everyone in this region does not want Iran to acquire a bomb. We got to do the job. If Obama won’t, please let Israel do the job.”