Maale Adumim Terror Suspect Arrested

A terror suspect has been arrested in connection with an attack on the guard at the entrance to the Jerusalem suburb of Maale Adumim.

Chana Ya'ar and Uzi Baruch ,

Terrorist with knife -- illustration
Terrorist with knife -- illustration
Israel news photo: Flash 90

Security personnel have made an arrest in connection with the terror stabbing of a guard at the entrance to the Jerusalem suburb of Maale Adumim in December 2011, it was released for publication Sunday.

Ala'a Hanaish, 21, was taken into custody in a joint Israel Security Agency (Shin Bet) and police operation a week and a half ago.

The security guard, who stood at the entrance to the city, was injured although not seriously.

Hanaish is a resident of the Samariah village of Qabatiyeh and a student at the Preachers College of Abu Dis, near Jerusalem. According to the ISA, the attack was nationalist in nature.

Hanaish confessed under interrogation that on the day of the attack, December 11, 2011, he showed up at the entrance to the community, and there he waited for residents of the community to arrive.

After waiting for half an hour, however, residents were not arriving as he had expected, and so instead he moved towards the barricaded entrance to the community, where he stabbed the guard, who was slightly injured.