Yesha Ballots Open Late, Feiglin Blames Bibi

Most Likud polling stations in Judea and Samaria opened two hours late; some lack voters' books.

Gil Ronen ,

Shaar Binyamin station -- closed.
Shaar Binyamin station -- closed.
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Most of the polling stations in Judea and Samaria opened two hours later than the other stations in the nationwide Likud primaries Tuesday. Activists in several communities said that voters' books are missing in their stations, making voting impossible.

The Feiglin campaign headquarters blamed the Netanyahu camp for at least part of the confusion. "As usual, some of the mess is the result of a guiding hand and some is due to disorganization. We are steadfast and we call upon voters not to let their spirits break. The more determined side will win."

Tzvi Barish, a candidate for Likud regional committee membership, spoke to Arutz Sheva from the Shaar Binyamin voting station and said, "People are still determined to vote to express their dissatisfaction from Binyamin Netanyahu's leadership and his failed path."

Another voter wrote Arutz Sheva's email and said, "The Shaar Binyamin voting station opened at about 11:30 today instead of 10. A voters' book is missing and therefore about half of the local voters cannot vote. We pay our member dues as a family through a standing order but amazingly, I could vote while my husband could not. In a telephone inquiry vis-à-vis the Likud we were told he could vote but is registered in Beit Aryeh. He never resided there and does not know where it is, and he already wasted half a work day, so in effect he has been denied his right to vote, which we paid for."

Voting stations at Shoham, Beit She'an, Tzfat and Kiryat Tivon were still reported closed in the early afternoon.