Iran Threatens Pro-Israeli Hacker

The pro-Israeli hacker who calls himself Hannibal says he was threatened by Iran's deputy prime minister.

Elad Benari ,


The pro-Israeli hacker who calls himself Hannibal and who earlier this week invaded Arab credit card accounts and published details of accounts of 20,000 Arab Facebook clients, said on Wednesday that he received a letter with death threats from Iran’s deputy prime minister, Mohammad-Reza Rahimi.

Channel 2 News quoted the hacker as having wrote, “It’s funny that he has time to go into his mailbox, curse me and threaten me. Mr. Mohammad, you do not scare me anymore! You’ll never find me!”

According to the report, Hannibal said he intended to “teach the Iranian Deputy Prime Minister a lesson” and publish about 25,000 email addresses and Facebook accounts belonging to Arab users.

“On Saturday night I’ll publish another list of about 100,000 email addresses and Facebook accounts,” Channel 2 quoted him as having warned.

Hannibal reportedly published a screenshot of the letter he received and which read, “My employees told me you hacked into the Iranian Central Bank and stole vital information. We have all the data regarding Hannibal’s hacking of our bank system, including information on your physical location.”

The letter goes on to say, “If you publish the information on the accounts you stole, I promise that you will be destroyed. You’re hurting defenseless Iranians. You are affected by Israeli propaganda. Damn you Jew!”

Israel seems to be in the midst of a hacking war with Arab hackers in the past few weeks. The war began when a Saudi-based hacker published the credit card details of thousands of Israelis.

The same hacker later called on Arab hackers to unite against Israel, and focus their efforts on the websites of the Israeli military and security agencies.

On Monday by the Hacker, who calls himself “OxOmar,” brought down the El Al and Tel Aviv Stock Exchange websites.

group of Israeli hackers retaliated and claimed they hacked into the websites of the Saudi Arabian and United Arab Emirates’ stock exchanges.

The Israeli group, which called itself “IDF-Team”, posted a message to the Pastebin website in which they claimed to have brought down the two sites “because lame hackers from Saudi Arabia decided to launch an attack against Israeli sites.”