Court Cracks Down on Rock-Throwing Terror

A Jerusalem court cracks down on rock-throwing terror, sentences a Silwan Arab to four years in jail and fines him $5,300.

Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu,

Rock Throwing Arabs
Rock Throwing Arabs
Israel news photo: Flash 90

A Jerusalem court cracked down on rock-throwing terror Tuesday and sentenced a Silwan Valley Arab to four years in jail for attacking a Jewish motorist and his daughter who lost their way on the way to the Western Wall.

Jerusalem District Court Judge Rafi Carmel also fined the attacker 30,000 shekels ($5,300).

The driver managed to escape the gang of terrorists who trapped and attacked his car with large blocks, but his daughter suffered injuries after they smashed the windshield. Glass also was scattered on an empty car seat meant for a baby.

Numerous attacks on Jewish motorists have occurred in the past two years. The indictment noted that harsh punishment was in order because of the gravity of the life-threatening attack.

It stated that the gang behind the attack was “cruel and devoid of compassion.”