MK Ben-Ari: New IDF General 'Bull in a China Shop'

Nationalists see appointment of Nitzan Alon to head Central Command as a deliberate affront.

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Gil Ronen ,

MK Ben Ari
MK Ben Ari
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MK Michael Ben Ari (National Union) said that the appointment "exemplifies the expression 'a bull in a china shop.' At this time, the officer appointed to head Central Command should be one with slightly less radical political views than those of Alon."

Baruch Marzel of Our Land of Israel said that the appointment "proves that all [Defense Minister Ehud] Barak wants is to raise the flames and bring about a civil war. Alon belongs in Meretz, not the IDF."

Activist Noam Federman called the appointment "a declaration of war against the settlement enterprise." Alon "is a man of the extreme left, a representative of Machsom Watch whose wife is even active in the organization. He will make the settlers' lives miserable. He is the wrong man at the wrong time." 

In Yitzhar, residents remembered Alon's past warning that Jews could open fire on soldiers if there is an attempt to carry out demolitions in Yitzhar. They noted that a demolition was carried out in Mitzpe Yitzhar this morning and no confrontation took place.