Montage of Netanyahu as SS Man 'Not Incitement'

Deputy State Attorney sees 'no criminal guilt' in graphic that appeared on leftist blog.

Gil Ronen ,

Netanyahu "in SS uniform"
Netanyahu "in SS uniform"
from the blog


The police have been instructed not to pursue an investigation against a blog that published photomontages of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu in an SS officer's uniform. In a letter to MK Ofir Akunis (Likud), the police explain that Deputy State Attorney Shai Nitzan determined that there was "no criminal guilt" in the publication of the montages.

Akunis called the decision "strange" and added that "If G-d forbid something happens [to Netanyahu], no one will be able to say that he did not know. This is grave incitement that must not pass unchallenged. A prime minister in SS uniform is not freedom of speech, it is freedom of incitement."

Akunis and Likud Legal Advisor Attorney Avi HaLevi filed a complaint against the blog in August. 

The blog featured a demand that Netanyahu and members of his government be put on trial. It showed a caption that read "The Main Suspect: Binyamin Netanyahu," and beneath it three photomontage pictures that showed Netanyahu in Nazi uniform. At least one of the pictures also had Netanyahu giving a Nazi salute.
The bloggers compared the Prime Minister to a drunk who has cruelly murdered a loved one. In such a case, they ask their readers, "would you try to create a 'solution' or would you consider continuing to live with the same vile murderer?"
Netanyahu was labeled "the main suspect" and the bloggers demand that he and his ministers be brought to a "field trial" and call on the public to take action in this direction.
Ever since the assassination of Yitzchak Rabin, the nationalist camp has been blamed for countenancing the distribution of posters showing him in SS uniform, at a nationalist rally that preceded the murder. This was later considered a factor inciting his murder, despite the fact that the posters were discovered to have been handed out by Avishai Raviv, a man exposed as a Shin Bet agent and provocateur.