New Eilat Brigade to Guard South

IDF realized the need for bolstering its presence on the Egyptian border after terror attacks.

Gil Ronen ,

Coast of Eilat
Coast of Eilat
Arutz Sheva: Flash 90

The IDF's Southern Command is establishing a new regional brigade that will operate as part of the Edom army group. The IDF website explained that the Eilat Regiment "was born as a result of tension along the border with Egypt, that rose following the toppling of the government in Egypt and intensified after the terror attack on Route 12 in August."

Eight Israelis died in the combined attack by terrorists who reached the Eilat border area by traveling from Gaza through the Sinai.

The new brigade will operate in the Eilat area and along part of the Israel-Egypt border. It is currently under the command of Col. Amir Abulafia, who is also Commander of the Nahal Brigade. Abulafia will be replaced at the helm of the Eilat Brigade by Col. Shmulik Ulansky, who currently heads the 188th Brigade.

The head of Operations Department in the Edom army group, Lt. Col. Tal Carmel, told the military magazine Bamahane that "the distances here are so great that there was a problem controlling units and commanders sometimes had difficulty reaching events quickly." The new division of labor between units "gives us better command and control over the region," he added.  

"The improvement can already be felt," he said. "There are more forces along the fence; there is operational effectiveness and greater accessibility and availability to events."

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said Thursday that both Israel and Egypt were acting responsibly and seriously against terrorism and against those who violate the peace.